There are so many people that were instrumental in this project. First and foremost was Chuck. He encouraged and supported me. He also filled in the missing pieces of family history. My mother-in-law, Katharine had written Allen's story for the CPS book called "CPS Smokejumpers 1943-1946". Much of my material was based on her recounting Allen's story. Mary Duerksen , Allen's youngest sister, was an amazing resource. She provided family insights and memories that gave me a clearer image of Allen's upbringing. She was also responsible for making sure Allen's letters, which were written, during wartime, were preserved and entrusted to family members. David Pittman, Allen's first cousin, provided memories and insights of working with Allen on the farm. We continue to be blessed by his connection to the family. Rev. Richard Ratzlaff's account of the building of the Deer Creek Mennonite Church was amazing! Chuck and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit with him and Velma. We also enjoyed visiting with Paul Muegge and getting his perspective of OK Sheep Expansion Inc's beginnings. I am so thankful and appreciative of Chuck's brothers, John and Jerry, who shared their memories of their Dad. Last, but not least, Katie Funk Wiebe, who inspired me to record Allen's life history.

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