Chapter 10: A Tragic Year - 1990

The year 1990 began tragically. It was a heartbreaking year for the family. On Tuesday, March 13th Ruth Voth, Katharine's sister-in-law, was killed by a tornado. She had returned from the hospital in Newton where she was visiting her husband, Harold. The sky was pretty ominous and Harold told Ruth to get home to safety. The tornado touched down near their home place in Goessel, Kansas. Nothing was left of the house, but the foundation. Harold, who was suffering from Prostrate Cancer returned home to nothing. There was an outpour of love and support for him by the church and community of Goessel. On Tuesday, September 18th Harold passed away. In Harold's eulogy, Rev. Milton Harder compared him to the biblical character, Job. He lost everything, but he remained faithful and unwavering in his faith and trust in God. The year would continue with many numb from the grief of the loss of loved ones. Allen continued to decline physically.

The Parkinson's was too great an adversary to overcome. Allen entered the Blackwell Regional Hospital on Thursday, December 6, 1990 on his 73rd birthday. While in the hospital Allen would be for the most part unresponsive, however, there were times when he was lucid. Chuck recalls a short conversation with his dad. He had visited him in the hospital in the morning and then returned later after chores. Allen opened his eyes and said, "Twice in the same day?"(102)

Allen passed away on Thursday, December 20, 1990. Funeral services were held on Monday, December 24, 1990. Rev. Peter Neufeld officiated. He read the following passage from I Corinthians 15:55, "Death has been swallowed up in victory" "Where, O Death is your victory?" "Where, O Death is your sting?"(103) Allen is buried at Bayard Cemetery, three miles south of Deer Creek. Allen's story is not yet over.

With a quiet resolve Allen John Moyer leaves his legacy. His legacy are his three sons, who embody the character of their father with their sense of justice, integrity, and work ethic. Allen would have also been extremely proud of his grandchildren. They exhibit qualities that Allen valued; service to others, self-determination and a strong work ethic.

This December 20, 2015 will mark the twenty-fifth year of Allen's passing. Since this time the Moyer family has blossomed with the addition of new family members. It is such a blessing to include these special people and dates: Katharine married Milton Harder on June 1, 1997. Sarah Armstrong married Nathan Moyer on April 28, 2007. They are parents to Naomi Marcella (2008) and Charles (Charlie) Andrew Moyer(2012). Katherine (Katie) Maxfield married Timothy Moyer on April 19, 2008. Lynne Kurdziel married Matthew Moyer on March 23, 2014. Catherine Bettles married Christopher Moyer on May 18, 2014.

Allen continues to live in our hearts and memories. His life impacted so many of us. With a quiet resolve, his legacy continues to inspire us. May it be so.

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