Chapter 8: Activities and Personal Interests

Although work was very important and could be intense at certain times of the year, it was balanced with a time of rest and relaxation. The family would take trips to Missouri, Colorado, and even Missoula, Montana for a time of fishing, resting and rejuvenating. Getting together with family and friends was another way to relax. John remembered an incident that happened while on route to Kansas. "Once while traveling to Kansas to visit relatives, likely before 1956, the engine in the car threw a rod. It was Sunday, but dad found someone who was willing to give us a ride for a short distance and then someone who was willing to sell him a used car on a Sunday so that we could continue the trip."(93)

Visiting relatives would spend time with the grandparents, so cousins usually were able to hang around together.

Allen kept contact with several of his close buddies from the Civilian Public Service. Many would drop by and visit, which gave them all a chance to catch up on what was going on in their lives.

Relaxation could also be found through a good book. Allen loved to read and study. There was never a shortage of reading material in the house. Chuck remembers his his Dad loving to read novels by Agatha Christie and Zane Grey.

He also loved reading and studying the Bible. His favorite writings were from the Apostle Paul and his favorite passage was I Corinthians 13. Some of his favorite hymns were "O pow'r of Love" and "Rise Up O Men of God." (94) "Although Allen was a very busy farmer, he did take interest in civic affairs. He served on the Deer Creek School Board for ten years. He was also a charter member of the Deer Creek Lion's Club. He served as President".(95) This was the first rural Lion's Club in the state.(96)

Jerry wrote that Allen would go with the Reusser brothers to a hockey game in Oklahoma City about once a year or so. The Reussers moved to Deer Creek from Canada and presumably hockey was a big thing up there. They owned and operated a busy blacksmith and auto repair shop on the north side of Highway 11. Jerry also remembered that there was a single package of cigars in the pickup glovebox and the tractor tool boxes. He didn't ever remember seeing him smoke though. When he asked his Dad about it he would only say that he would smoke them to keep mosquitoes away.(97)

Allen had some very special people in his life, besides his wife, sons, and daughter- in-laws. They were his grandchildren. His grandchildren were very important to him. He delighted in holding them and talking to them. After Allen's diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, he would live another ten years to see the births of several of his favorite people. First grandson was Sean who was born May 11, 1975. Second grandson was Timothy who was born October 8, 1980. Both were sons of John and Janne. Next grandson was Nathan who was born October 9, 1980 , followed by fourth grandson, Matthew who was born July 16, 1986. These were Chuck and Rose's sons. First and only granddaughter was Sarah who was born March 26, 1987. The next grandson was Christopher who was born October 9, 1989. Unfortunately, Allen would not meet his last grandson, Nicholas who was born June 14, 1993. These last three were Jerry and Ann's children.

Life would become more challenging for Allen. He was having difficulties in his daily activities. It would be determined that he had the early onset of Parkinson's Disease.

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