Some Photographs from the OU Orange Bowl National Football Championship

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2000 Season

Here are some photos from a trip to watch the University of Oklahoma football team win the national championship on January 3, 2001 at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL. The OU defense prevented the FSU offense from scoring during the game. The final score was OU 13 and FSU 2.

2003 Season

Pictures from Nov 15, 2003 OU vs. Baylor.

2004 Season

First touchdown of 2004. Sep. 04 OU vs. Bowling Green

The first touchdown of the OU win over Oregon on Sep. 18, 2004.
The Pride of Oklahoma marching band runs onto the field before the game.
The rufneks.

The first touchdown of the OU win over Texas Tech on Oct. 2, 2004.

The last touchdown of the OU win over KU on Oct. 23, 2004.

The first score of the OU win over Nebraska on Nov. 13, 2004.

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