This is from a typewritten manuscript by Edwin S. Moyer (1875-1962). I used a scanner and optical character recognition software followed by hand editing. I corrected very few typographic errors, only when the intent of the writer was clear and I expected the correction to make this more readable. In the manuscript, are many abreviations. "D. C." refers to the town of Deer Creek in Grant County, Oklahoma, USA. "Co." is County. "S. S." is Sunday School. "H. S." is High School. "a." is acre, a measure of land area. A "section" is a measure of land area and is equal to 640 acres and is a square one mile on each side. The "S.E. 40" would be the 40 acre square in the South East corner of a quarter section. "A & M College" is now Oklahoma State University where at least two descendants of Manasseh Moyer are now students. The hypertext links were of course added by me. John Moyer, 2006.

Family History

Written in 1937 by E. S. Moyer

Manasseh Shelly Moyer

M. S. Moyer, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Shelly) Moyer was born in Springfield, Bucks Co. Penn. on Sept. 25, 1845. At the age of 17 he began teaching school, later he taught in Ohio, and then in Iowa, where ha met Anna M. Eymann with whom he united in marriage Apr. 19, 1874. At this time he was teacher in the Wadsworth (Ohio) College, the first Mennonite College in America. While here, their first son, Edwin Samuel, was born on Feb. 24, 1875, about a year later they moved to Bluffton, Ohio, where he also taught school. On Apr. 24, 1876, a son, Oscar, was born. He died at the age of about four months. In 1878 they moved to Morgan Co. Mo., arriving there in June, where he accepted the pastorate of the Bethel Menn. Church of that place. P. P. Lehman was also minister here, they dividing the work, and taking their turn at preaching on alternate Sundays. In July, 1880, a son was born, and died 3 weeks later. On Aug. 16, 1882, a girl, Selma Clarissa, was born. On Mar. l, 1885, a son John Frederic was born. On Sept. 14, 1886, a son, William Quintus, was born. On Nov. 26, 1890 Otto Jacob Conrad was born.

In March, 1901, the family moved to Deer Creek, Okla., where he accepted the pastorate of the D. C. Mennonite Church, which he filled until his death on Dec. 7, 1903, having preached twice on Sun. before passing away about 3 o'clock the next morning, thus dying in the harness as was his desire. He was buried in the Bayard Cemetary, Rev. Christ Krehbiel of Halstead Kans., and Samuel Musselman (a nephew) of Wayland, Iowa, officiated. Father was a successful teacher, having taught school in Penn., Ohio, Iowa, and Mo. He had the ability to explain things in such a way that it could be grasped by the children. This ability was one of the things that made his sermons interesting and helpful to all who had the privilege to hear him.

Anna Marie Eymann

Anna Marie Eymann, the oldest daughter of Christian and Agnes (Krehbill) Eymann, was born in Ashland Co, Ohio on July 2, 1850, at the age of about 5 they moved to Lee Co. Iowa where her father died shortly after coming there. She had a sister, Barbara, born in Sept., 1851, a brother, Jacob, born Mar., 1853, and a sister, Mary, born in Apr., 1855. In 1858 her mother and John C. Eberle were married, born to them were a son, Gustav, died in infancy; Lydia, born in Sept., 1864; Jennie, 1866 or 7; Gustav, Jan., 1869; Louise F., July 16, 1871; and Christian, Oct. 11, 1873.

On Apr. 19, 1874, she united in marriage with Rev. M. S. Moyer. After he died in Dec., 1903, she remained on the farm 3 miles N.W. of Deer Creek, Selma, William, & Otto staying with her. On Jan. 1, 1915 William married, taking over the farm and she and Selma moved to D. C. where she made her home until in 1920, from then she made her home with Selma and family near Halstead, Kans., until her death on July 12, 1931, age 81 yr. 10 da. She was buried July 14 in the Bayard Cemetary S.W. of Deer Creek, beside her husband, Pall bearers were J. H. Hohman, Adam Hohman, John Staufer, John Goebel, Henry Wicke, & Val Schnebele. Singers were Mrs. Karl Hohman, Mary Latschar, Esther & Lois Hohman, Milton Lichti, Harold Kuehny, David Krehbiel, & Will Latschar.

Selma C. Moyer

Selma C. Moyer was born in Morgan Co. Mo. on Aug. 169 1882, in March, 1884, the family moved to Moniteau Co. only 20 miles from where she was born, but close to the church, which was the main reason for making the change. She attended the West View School and also the Parocial German school. In Mar., 1901, she came with the family to Deer Creek, where she lived on the farm until 1915 when with her mother she came to D. C. to make her home. While living on the farm, she attended Bethel College for about one semester. On Jan. 3 or 4f 1919, she was united in marriage with Rudolf Mueller of Halstead, Kansas. They lived for several years on his brother's farm about 6 miles N.W. of Halstead. On Dec. 6, 1919, a daughter, Edna Ruth, was born. On Dec. 19, 1929, a son, Waldo was born. In Nov., 1925, twin sons, Edwin & Erwin, were born to them, but they only lived a day or two. A few years later they bought a farm about 3 or 4 miles N.W. of Halstead, where the family still reside. In the summer of 1932 she was stricken with a very rare and incurable gland disease, called Hodgson's disease, to which she succumbed on May 19, 1933. She bore her trials bravely, although she longed to stay with her family and see her children grown at least, she passed away ready to meet her Savior whom she had served many years. She was baptized in 1901. Edna is now a junior and Waldo a sophomore in H. S. Rudolf Mueller was born in Germany on Aug. 4, 1874, and was educated and grew to young manhood in that country. He came to America in about 1902.

John Fredrick Moyer

John Fredrick Moyer was horn in Moniteau Co. Mo. near the Bethel church on Mar. 1, 1885, weighed over 10 lbs. at birth. He attended school at West View School until the age of 16 when he with the rest of the family moved to Grant Co. and located on the farm N.W. of Deer Creek, Okla. The first year in Okla. he lived with Uncle Dan Krehbiels, working on the farm during the summer and attending school at Deer Creek and helping with the chores during the winter. The next two years he was at home doing most of the farm work and in the fall of 2nd year he began working in the D.C. Mercantile and going to school the first year. After Jan. 1, 1907, he entered Bethel College where he completed the Academic Course, then remained at home one winter while Will attended A. & M. College, then he was employed in the Bank of D. C. for about a year, when he again entered Bethel College from which he graduated in 1915.

On July 19, 1908, he was ordained to the ministry by J. C. Peters and served the D. C. Mennonite Church for about four years. In Aug.? 1913, he united in marriage with Mary Regier of Buhler, Kansas. To this union were born Herman Richard, on May 27, 1915, and Mildred Edna, born on July 12, 1917. Mildred died on Dec. 25, 1918.

Soon after his graduation he went to Freeman College, where he taught Bible, History, etc., for two years, after which he accepted the pastorate of tho Grace Mennonite church at Pandora, Ohio, and took over this work in Sept., 1917, and continued until Aug., 1920. In the spring of 1919, Mary became ill and it was considered necessary that she submit to an operation, she did, then another operation was performed, but her system was not strong enough to survive all this, and she passed away on May 9, 1919 and her body was laid to rest in Ohio, She was born Mar. 31, 1887.

On July 2, 1920, John united in marriage with Helen Isaac who was teaching in Bethel Collage at that time. John then accepted the position as a teacher in Bethel College and continued teaching until 1927, when he took over the work in the business office, and has continued to the present time. From 1932-34 he also taught a few classes. On June 30,1921, a son, Melvin Isaac was born to them, and on May 6, 1927, another son, John Harold, was born. Helen Isaac, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Isaac of Moundridge, Kans., was born Jam 26, 1890. Her parents were horn in Russia.

John was baptized and united with the Mennonite Church of Deer Creek in May, 1901.

William Quintus Moyer

William Quintus Moyer was born on the farm in Moniteau Co. Mo. on Sept 14, 1886, from here he attended the West View School until in Mar., 1901 when he with the rest of the family came to Deer Creek, Okla. and did most of the farm work the first year, the next two summers he worked on the farm for Uncle Dan Krehbiel. After father passed to his reward in Dec., 1903, he had to take full charge of the farm, which he handled in good shape, as the following will show. When Father died there was a debt of $1500 and by 1910 that was all paid and enough money on hand to build a barn 34 x 36 and considerable more stock and farm implements on hand then when he took charge. During the winter of 1909-10 he took the Short Course in Agriculture at A. & M. College at Stillwater which was held for five months. In 1914 he bought all farm equipment from mother and rented the farm. On Jan. l, 1915, he united in marriage with Louise Latschar, were married at the church and had a dinner or reception at the home of C. Latschar. To this union were born 2 sons and 2 daughters:

Allen John	  born	Dec.  6,  1917
Floyd Milton	  born	Jan.  l,  1920
Frances Louise    born  May  14,  1923
Mary Ellen	  born	Mar. 25,  1928

In 1912 he bought a farm in Beaver Co. which he traded in on the John Merritt farm a few years later. In 1929 he bought the home farm, trading his equity in the other place to Selma, John & Otto on their share of the home farm. A flock of purebred Shropshire sheep which he and Otto own in partnership, and have bred up to where they hare one, if not the largest flock of purebred Shropshires in the State, and have been more profitable then most any other branch of the farm.

Will was baptized and united with the Mennonite Church of Deer Creek.

Louisa Latschar Moyer was the third child born to Christian & Elisabeth Latschar and was born in Harvey Co., Kansas on May 18, 1890. Her parents were both born in Germany.

At the present time Will is Superintendant of the Mennonite S. S.

Otto Jacob Moyer

Otto Jacob Moyer, the youngest son of Rev. M.S. Moyer & Anna Moyer was born in the farm home near Bethel Church in Moniteau Co., Mo., on Nov. 26, 1890. He attended the West View School until he was ten years of age when he came to Grant Co., Okla., with his parents where he helped with the farm work and also attended the D. C. School completing all the H. S. work they offered at that time, after which he attended Bethel College during the 1912-13 year. Then he entered A. & M. College at Stillwater, taking the Agricultural Course from which he graduated in 1917. He was a good student, receiving several honors for good work, one being a trip as representative of A. & M. to an agricultural convention at Amherst, Mass., on this trip he visited in our old home in Mo. also at Summerfield, Ill., and in Penn. in the neighborhood where Father was born & raised. After graduating he spent 2 years in the farm extention work carried on by A. & M. College.

In 1919 he went into partnership with Will on the farm, they started raising pure bred Shorthorns but this was not very profitable, later started with Shropshire sheep which has been more satisfactory. On Nov. 14, 1920, he was united in marriage with Ruth Hohman of D. C. they were married in the D. C. church.

Ruth is the oldest daughter of Justis & Elizabeth Hohman living a mile south of D. C. Mr. Hohman was born in Germany and came to America at the age of about 17.

On Fri., Jan, 13, 1922, a daughter, Josephine Pearl, was born. On Fri., Aug. 13, 1926, twin boys were born to them. They named them Jerauld Hohman & Donald, but in Jan., 1927, Donald was taken to live with the angels in Heaven.

In the spring of 1932 Otto worked for the Okla. Wheat Growers Ass., soliciting new members for them mostly in the N. W. part of the State. In March, 1933, he moved to Miami, Okla. where he was employed as Co. Agricultural Agent for Ottowa Co. He remained here until in the fall of 1935 when he was transferred to the agency of Tulsa Co. considered the best Co. agency in the State. He is living in Tulsa and has his office in the Federal Building.

In about 1904 or 05 he was baptized by the late Rev. H. R. Voth and united with the D. C. Mennonite Church. At present they attend and sing in choir of the Boston Ave. M. E. Church of Tulsa. He has for the past 10 years been the Okla. director of the Midwest Wool Marketing Ass. which holds its directors meetings in Kansas City, Mo. He was for several years a director of the Okla. Livestock Marketing Ass. of O. C.

While he was farming he lived on and operated the John Merrett farm, of which he is part owner. In the spring of 1944 he sold the S.E. 40, all he owned of the place, to John & Will. On Sept. 28 his father-in-law, Justus Hohman died of an heart ailment.

Edwin Samuel Moyer

Edwin Samuel Moyer, the oldest child of Rev. M. S. & Anna (Eymann) Moyer was born in Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio, on Feb. 24, 1875, his father was at this time teaching the the Wadsworth College, the first Mennonite College in America, but being the first attempt, and people not supporting it very well, and having insufficient financial hacking it was compelled to close its doors a few years later. In about 1876 the Moyers moved to Bluffton where father taught school for about 2 years, when he received a call from the Bethel Church in Moniteau Co, Mo., which he accepted, arriving there on about June 20, 1878. The first three weeks we lived with the Chr. Welty family, then moved into Abe Baumgartner's old house, where we lived until next spring when we moved on the Ben Wenger farm 2 1/4 mi. S. W. of the church which had been purchased.

When about 5 years old, Father began teaching me the letters so that when I started to school just after Easter in 1881, I could read a little, but being very timid I did not enjoy the first day in school, upon coming home that evening I told Mother I would rather learn at home, but after getting acquainted I got along very well. My first teacher was Lina Allison.

In the fall of 1881 the General Conference met at Halstead, Kansas, and since Father was sent as a delegate, Mother and I went along, while at Halstead I saw my first Indian, a little girl named Jennie whom Mrs. S. S. Haury had brought there from the mission school in Indian Territory where the Gen. Conference Mennonites had started doing Missionary work, a short time before this time; not long after this was when the Mission building at Cantonment was destroyed by fire, Jennie and Haury's smail boy lost their lives in the fire.

Since Father wished to get closer to the church he sold the farm to adjoining neighbors, Abe Artz buying the S. 80 and P. P. Lehman the N. 40 a. then Father bought the Noah Basinger place, of 40 a. the church ground having been taken from the S. E. corner of this farm, and soon after Mar. 1, 1884, we moved and I lived on this place until 1900 and the rest of the family a year longer. As the house was very poor, a new one was built during 1884, 16 x 28 and 1 1/2 stories high.

In Oct., 1885, Father went to the conference and also held meetings at several places in the East, so the rest of us went to Iowa and stayed at Grandfather Eberle's. I attending school there with Uncle Christ for about 2 months, when Father came by there and we all arrived at home safe on the day before Christmas. I attended the West View School, getting my 8th grade certificate in Jan., 1893 with an average of 95.39, the highest in the class, Alice Schaffter had an average of over 98, Nellie Thixton 97, Jennie & Will Grinstead average was around 96 and David Dowell, 92. At that time the school year was divided into 2 terms, a Spring term of 2 or 3 months usually beginning soon after Easter, and 4 or 5 months Winter term beginning in Oct.

In April, 1893, I was baptized and united with the Bethel Mennonite Church near Fortuna, Mo. In 1901 I transferred my membership to the D. C. Mennonite Church.

I attended school again during the 1894-5 term, Rev. Dan Kaufman being the teacher and a good one too, I felt well paid for receiving some of the subjects and getting them more thoroughly impressed on my mind.

In 1893 Father bought 40 a. from the Dan Loganbell heirs located just east of W. T. Lehmans, so I remained at home and did the farm work until in 1899. I worked for Lewis Wenger for 6 months beginning Mar. 1. In the fall of 1898 I in company with Mother and John Pletcher visited in Harvey & McPherson Co., Kansas, and Grant Co., Okla. and being favorably impressed with the West, I came to Okla. in Jan. 1900 and worked for Uncle J. S. Dester that year. On Feb. 1, 1901, just before going back to Mo. to help the folks in moving to Okla. I bought a team of mares from R. Czapansky, and then rented Uncle Jake's spring ground, and continued to farm more or less of his land until in 1913.

During the first three years I boarded with Uncle Jake's, working for my board. In June, 1903, they held a sale and moved to Deer Creek, where he was part owner & manager of the D. C. Mercantile Co. Soon after this the Hall family moved into the house and I boarded with them until Tully moved to Beaver Co. in Oct., 1907. On Dec. 12, 1907, I was united in marriage with Ovie Hall at Kansas City, Mo., and we continued to live on this place until Mar. 1913 when we moved to Deer Creek. In Dec., 1905, I went to Beaver Co. with Tully in a covered wagon, while there I purchased a 1/2 section of land, known as the K. T. Ranch. This we kept until 1915, when we sold it for less than the purchase price, thus getting some experience but little money. On Jan. 30, 1913, we held a public sale, and purchased the Vesper property in Deer Creek from Adam Hohman, and moved into it about Mar. 1 a short time later we bought the 19 a. just north of it from J. R. Roberts. A few weeks after moving to D. C. I broke my left leg, so I had a vacation of several months. On Apr. 7, 1914, Paulene was born to us. On May l, 1915, I began working in the Bank of Deer Creek as bookkeeper. At this time J. R. Roberts was president and T. J. Roberts cashier. In Nov. of this year they sold the Bank to the J. T. Stewart Estate of Wellington, Kans. and they put A. H. Derington in charge as cashier. I continued in the Bank's service until in July, 1930, worked under 5 different men as cashier, and was cashier myself for about 6 or 8 months in 1928.

We nearly always kept some chickens and at least one cow since living in town, and while still working in the Bank I delivered and sold considerable milk much of it to the restaurants. In 1929 our sales amounted to at least $1.00 per day average. After quiting the Bank I gradually increased the milk business, until we had to quit on account of our health, on Apr. 1, 1936. We had one customer ( S. J. Fox) to whom we sold milk at least 15 years. On Feb. 24, 1938, I weighed 139 lbs.


Jerry Moyer wrote in 2023
While our home place is always referred to as the John Merritt farm, even in old DC [Deer Creek] newspapers, he was not the original owner. John Merritt is at least the 3rd owner, maybe 4th.. The original settler was John Rowe and he is buried in Haskell, OK. John Rowe had apparently been divorced. His descendants from his 2nd wife believed his first wife and children were killed by a lightning strike to their wagon on the way to Oklahoma. In actuality his first wife and 3 daughters lived at Medford. The lie was a good one, lasting for generations ... John Merritt and his wife lived in Medford or Jefferson and are buried in the Medford Rosemound cemetery so even though they owned it I don’t think they ever lived there. The previous owner was a land speculator (can’t recall his name at the moment) from Nebraska that had 2 hired hands farming the land.

Copyright 1937, E. S. Moyer. Transcribed by John Moyer in 2006.