100 Year Old Barn

This barn was built by W. Q. Moyer in either 1909 or 1906. The barn is near the town of Deer Creek in Grant County, Oklahoma, USA. The photo was taken on November 18, 2006. Toward the end of his life, W. Q. Moyer wrote:

During these years we had been raising a colt or two nearly every year, so we had about a dozen horses and felt the need of more livestock shelter. We built a barn 36 by 34 and 16 feet to the eaves, making room for a lot of hay above the stables. Also in one corner a bin for grain to feed the horses. This was in the fall of 1909 and I remember we got it finished right before a winter storm in December so we could put the horses in. The cost of the barn was about $800.

A storm destroyed the barn in 2008 killing some sheep that had taken shelter from the storm within.

100 year old barn with brown dry grass near by. The large door the the hay loft is hanging crooked and looks like it could fall.

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